Kaia Sand


“to the open fields I told
A prophesy: poetic numbers came
—William Wordsworth, The Prelude (Book I)

“In the desperate lotto draw of the “soul”
(soul, a kind of outsourcing of the social)
someone wins a freedom
dreamt of on the iron mattress of

--Rodrigo Toscano
“12 Riddles of Spirit, Crook in Hand”

ranked with distant dank luck
outside a chosen set
telescoping mercuric
stars swollen with sight
& down here, with bed-eyed
desire, born-again opportunity
happy slot machine ring
my music some numbers
cease to play but others
play on foreclosing what’s
fast & steaded & near

I divine design deserve to

keep the numbers playing
out there in this america


12 fancies herself

a lotto dance
partner popular
as 1 as 1 as
9 likes 9 & wants
to marry him
with county courthouse
candied peace
oh 12 fancies herself
and 9 likes 9



citizenship 2005
highway 12
local 556
Tyson meat-
packing plant, Pasco,

Mexican &
Bosnian & Sudanese &
Vietnamese workers

dull knives slam
down hard for cuts
that woman against
that cow, so much
flesh, hot & bloody & off
the small highway no signs
read Tyson, no public tours  



you will not face
restrictions in the job

the entire US
playing field yours
to explore

pay for our
services to increase
your chances

the easiest way
to  America

a little luck



win win winning numbers
winsome numbers comely

come close, small
buttons close my
blouse, the sky is not
near this america,
come close, the present
is but a seizure
& the sky

too cluttered
for ufo spotting

come low by me
we will see
what we want to see

you know I am sincere
and in dynamic decay
I am your friend
& on the clock

lovely numbers
you need not add up
for me you need only be  



5 is a bland
soul gated
into riches

gone under
to plunder then
to plant

to plunder then
to plant trees  



that the winning ticket
might be in the woods with
a hunter who doesn’t
know he’s rich was
a favorite theory  



a poem is the numbers
as a man rides a commuter
train, plays
the birthday of a daughter
who is outside out
there far as stars &
numbers trees & the
West out there
the lottery his lot a lost

daughter numbers
numbers rhyming numbers  



see the winners

one at random
two by work
three a marriage
four heaped perks
five by family
six decreed
seven eventual
eight thoroughly thieved

see the winners we want to see

cluttered sky informative

archival overexposed

burnt with stars



7s were as white as
American citizenship 1923

the 5s pray protestant & public
hate the 8s

union-minded stealing

gold in their lunchpails
underdog landfill

graveside dollarstore
this house 
heritable wealth

my lucky number 2  



I own this sequence
with an identity owned
by one who is dead

I bought a wig no dyed
my hair squinted
wore glasses claimed
my winnings fixed
myself to look
like a winner like 
the woman on this
identity card 

squeezing auburn
my hair wet
& darker who
I must be 
to place a lien
on the numbers 
foreclose someone 
else's lotto

is it demanding things?

pretty landscape plundered
all I have these small
buttons this blouse
opens up
touch your fingers

new millionaire
mimic close my cash register

I am 8 11 22 prime
mountains court
the train 7 courts
8 15 56 .875 not factorable
by 6

turning tricks behind
a curtain in the notions
shop lonely vitamin-less
homespun tricks
are extra turns exposed
light high the curtain low

today’s lotto is a credit card
receipt blowing down an alley



5s think they’ve earned
their ease, why this body
decided to be left-
handed  different
without much cost

wealth is heritable
appears earned but

block party busting
neighbors move
away red-lined &

well then okay
well then

there’s always
the lottery  


in this america
a billboard

enumerating everyone
from Pine Ridge
in Iraq

not a draft lotto,
‘volunteers’ this time
count them up the volunteers

the winning ticket
was sold
at 7/Eleven #14507
on SE 42nd

3 dead by gunfire
1 minimum 5 maximum
dead roadside bomb

outside & outside
& outside this is 
an america

‘volunteers’ this time

poor then so willing

lightning striking
wind falling a roller
coaster ride pretty
penny pinching
fruit from a
tree water
shed sweep

just my lucky

three gunned down in a
barber shop one guard
killed by a bomb near the polling station



if everyone could win the lottery
pool of players pool of winners

another lotto
winner lodged
without bail
in the county jail

a lighthouse at sea
inurning thousands
of lotto winners

clock-in clock
out lotto winners
schlep the cannery

lotto winners 
backed by
militia a lot
of land deeded
by ammunition a shoot

lotto winners
our populace brilliant with
billionaires canning
salmon cleaning
beef stooped repetitive
torsos twisted brilliant



either slow down the line
or pay us more money

fast fast & lax
workers of the world
more likely to die
the nurse says you’re fine
on the kill

‘fired eight’
‘threatened employees’
‘refused to pay’    
‘refused to pay’
‘threatened employees’
‘physically assaulted’
‘threatened employees’
‘falsely arrested’

& outside & outside
affluence of wine
tasters the 6s
with our riches
can’t be stopped
by external costs



We don’t know what to say

We want to be really careful

So if I ask any woman out
now is she going to say yes?

I hope it’s someone who
really needs it. it’s too much

for one person to have



hope big enough to populate
the town where one winner
must live

hope as big as a
humvee as an

the lot of luck
is a lot of differentiation

tenement sun
is not is
the same sun

reservation sun
gated community sun &
moon & planetarium

casting lots
a community chest
for one winner
yes like taxes but
winnowed to

By Kaia Sand

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various state lottery sites

various websites offering paid assistance with the green card lottery

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